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GetBukkit v2.0 Beta is Out

Yes, you guessed it right. With months of cutthroat coding and after so many pizza slices have been devoured that we eventually stopped counting, GetBukkit v2.0 is finally here!

Before we go in-depth with the new new, it's worth noting that we are still in beta. If things break here and there, it's okay. Don't freak out. We're still continuously working on polishing out v2.0 so if you ever come across those nasty bugs and broken stuff, be sure to let us know so we can make it right.

Anyway, enough with the boring intro. Here's what's up...


The new look and feel of our website are hard to miss. It's now easier for you to find your way around after we got rid of all the clutter. The download pages, aside from being a lot more organized, now display the file size and release date of each jar for those of you like to know those stuff. Basically, what I'm trying to say is all site interactions are just going to be purely faster and smoother from now on.


We've been using a CDN for a while now. But drastic improvements have been made to make downloads even easier and faster than ever!

User Accounts

With v2.0, you can now sign up to the GetBukkit website. By signing up, you get access to the following:

  • Support Tickets
  • Apply for GetBukkit Partnership
  • Apply to become a GetBukkit Staff
  • Option to acquire Premium membership

You can also link your Discord account which will unlock the ability to post in the advertisement (#adverts) channel in the GetBukkit Discord using the Advertisement Tool.

Premium and Partners

Having a GetBukkit account already gives you access to amazing features, and it's all free! But now, you can give yourself that extra upgrade while supporting GetBukkit by becoming a Premium member.

A Premium membership will not only give you access to the Advertisement Tool but will let you customize your ad however you want. You also get to bump down the waiting time to post your next advertisement. Regular members can post every after six (6) hours. But Premium members only have to wait for three (3) hours.

Oh, and did I mention ad-free? Premium members no longer have to see a single pesky ad on the site ever again and will have direct, instant access to downloads.

With GetBukkit v2.0 comes a whole new Partner system. Partners are now categorized into Level 1 and 2. All partners get to be featured on the GetBukkit Partner page, but Level 2 Partners will be able to control and customize what goes on their partner information card for a more effective means of promoting their communities, services, and companies. If you want to know more about Partnership with GetBukkit, do not hesitate to contact us.

. . .

We almost ran out of dank memes and doge gifs to inspire us in developing GetBukkit v2.0. But it's finally here, and the GetBukkit team is so stoked to present to you this awesomeness...and some more that's still in the brewing pot.

Remember, beta can still be better. So if you find bugs, oddities or a misplaced sad Pepe, you know the drill...let us know so we can fix them ASAP!

We hope you explore and enjoy what GetBukkit v2.0 has to offer. As always, we'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions so please do not hesitate to hit us up on Discord or send them over through the contact page.

And of course, we would like to thank everyone for your continued support! You da best fam!

PS: Please send doges.